Mixing the stylings of pop, jazz, and musical theater with classical training, hip hop dance and break dancing might sound like it would make your head spin, but it just begins to describe the elements of Kieran. He is one who has continually slipped through the grasp of being one-dimensional throughout his life to emerge as a versatile performer and singer.

Kieran is a classically trained baritone singer (D1-G3) as well as an actor, model, and voice over artist. He is a Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance graduate from The Boston Conservatory and a member of SAG-AFTRA. He recently performed his own singing showcase at The Duplex Piano and Cabaret Bar in New York City.  Additionally, he has performed for the Austrian Ambassador to the United Nations and for the Austrian-American Debutantes Ball. Kieran is also a former member of the New York City based all male a cappella group, Ten and Change. A few of his most memorable performances include performing song selections from The Sound of Music for the Museum of Music Project on Governor’s Island, performing the National Anthem at Citi Field for the New York Mets vs. Philadelphia Phillies baseball game and performing in the launch of Oreo’s Wonderfilled Campaign as his fellow a cappella singers performed across New York City with the likes of Pentatonix and Owl City.

He is also a former member of the theater and peer education troup, Stories of Substance, which performed for various groups, such as high schools and colleges across the Tri-State (NY,CT,NJ) area. The troup presented various scenes with topics ranging from distracted driving, domestic and substance abuse, to bullying and self esteem problems, and making a healthy choice about whether to engage in them or not. It is a gratifying opportunity to perform these scenes for audiences because of the positive impact that the messages can have on the viewers.

Having backgrounds in musical theater from The Usdan Center for the Creative & Performing Arts, sacred music, classical, as well as pop and jazz, Kieran has thrilled audiences with his renditions of current and classic pop and jazz tunes with the unique stylings of his baritone vocals. He has a love for the smooth style and sound of the 40s, and combines that with variations on the sounds, dance moves, and style of today. Kieran has a passion for showing that the elements of those times can be mixed together and transformed into intriguing and enticing performances that makes the audience think a little outside the box.

He also has a deep commitment to being true to audiences with his performances by being able to relate to the messages of the songs he performs.

“If someone can connect with my performance and be able to relate to what I’m expressing, then I feel I’ve done my job as a performer, and it is a very gratifying feeling at the times when they express that to me.”

He loves connecting with audiences, whether at weddings, in a club, or in a theater, because they give an energy that is always unique and very real. Kieran also feels that his performances on CDs as well as performing live should convey the same emotions and singular message that:

“Singing great live should be the expectation of all singers, not a time for the audience to be surprised.”

Kieran has a great respect for performers such as Michael Buble, Adele, Josh Groban, Ne-Yo, Alicia Keys, and John Legend. “There is an element of their performances that is so real and genuine. They also know how to have fun with their audiences and maintain a connection with them that is easily accessible and felt throughout their songs.”

As he continues his musical journey, Kieran feels it’s always good to have a little bit of fun while also maintaining respect and a feeling of reverence for the messages and stories of his fellow artists and the artists who came before him.